What was available?
Cadenza offered a number of services to friends, the public and supporters. With such a mix of talented people within the choir we thought it would be a useful way to help raise funds for the production of our next CD if we offered our talents to the highest bidder! Thr auction of promises gave you the chance to purchase the time, genius and hard work of a choir member to complete some very special and rarely offered services. We are sure there is something here for everyone – from hosting a website to the design of bespoke jewellery to doing your garden! You can find the full collection of lots below, with the winning bid price listed.

Bids correct at Closing Time!

Lot 1 A Painting of a Favourite View Winning bid: £100
Is there an Edinburgh scene, or individual building, that means a lot to you? Professional painter Carol Binnie offers to paint a watercolour scene of a favourite view, whether it is your house, garden, wedding venue, favourite haunt or view of Edinburgh. The image itself will be approximately A4 in size, and the painting fully framed in a gold or silver frame, ready to hang. The painting will be completed during April / May , and further examples of her work can be seen at normal price for a commission of this size would be around £130 – £150
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Lot 2 Half day or Full-Day Guided Walk Winning bid: £40
Either: nature watch in the Lothians – learn about the birds and plants of your favourite spot or be led to good bird-watching locations or places for finding wild flowersOr: get to the top of that mountain you’ve always wanted to climb but never quite dared! Full day excursion to mountain of your choice (or choose from a selection) with experienced mountaineer to guide your footsteps and point out features of interest along the way. Maps and guidebooks provided.Please note – you would need to bring own lunch, and transport to your choice of location is not included (Min Bid £20 or £30)
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Lot 3 Bread Baking Winning bid: £20
Learn the tips and tricks of baking with yeast. Prepare (and eat!) the bread of your choice such as breakfast rolls, plaited tea bread, granary loaf, and many more. All ingredients, recipes and a hot oven supplied.
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Lot 4 Music Theory Demystified! Current bid: £00
Basic music theory including keys and key signatures, note lengths and time signatures, intervals, Italian markings, etc. Three 30 minute lessons. (Min Bid £20)
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Lot 5 Celebration Cake Winning bid: £20
A special cake for a special occasion or just because you feel like it! Choose from baked cheesecake, carrot cake, coffee walnut, chocolate cream gateau, black forest gateau, and many more. Cake gives 10-12 portions. (Min Bid £12)
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Lot 6 Hamper of Homemade Jams Winning bid: £30
Selection of home-made jams in a hamper: strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant jelly, apricot, peach. Other varieties available once the new season’s fruit comes in. (Min Bid £7.50)
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Lot 7 Reiki Treatment Winning bid: £26
Reiki is an energy treatment. During the treatment you will remain fully clothed, lying on a table while the reiki takes place. You should emerge relaxed and calm. Time and date for the treatment is by agreement and will require an hour and a half. Treatment can either be done at a choir member’s house, or she can come to the bidder’s house as long as it is on the level, (the treatment table cannot be carried upstairs).The usual charge for this treatment is £30
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Lot 8 Full Indian Head Massage Winning bid: £28
This takes about an hour, during which time massage would be administered to the head, neck, shoulders, back and face. Can be done either at choir member’s house or at the bidder’s house.The usual charge for this treatment is £30 (Minimum Bid £15)
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Lot 9 Watercolour Landscape Winning bid: £70
Budding amateur artist in the choir offers to complete a landscape watercolour of your favourite view or location. This can be designed to your own requirements. Please contact auction manager for more information. Finished watercolour would not be framed.Note: Picture to right is clip art and not necessarily representative of final watercolour (Min Bid £50)
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Lot 10 Get Your Bike Going! Winning Bid: £30
A chance to get that bike out of the shed and fettled up for the summer! Cleaned, oiled, adjusted, checked, serviced and ready for the road.Please note – cost of parts required is not included
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Lot 11 Cycling in the City Winning bid: £20
‘Bike buddy’: Experienced cyclist offers you the chance to learn how to cope with traffic, how to become a confident and relaxed cyclist.
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Lot 12 Website Design and Hosting Current bid: £00
A choir member will design, layout and publish a website for you, your family, organization or charity. He will develop, prove and publish a website of your content, which can then optionally be updated and edited by you. Perhaps you want to share news, photographs, start a web blog or share your artistic endeavors with the world! You might want to publish your family tree in the hope of finding some long lost relatives! Site will be developed and hosted on-line for one year – after which time he will talk you through the options on how you can continue to keep your site online if required.Please note – no commercial sites can be developed (Minimum Bid £60)
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Lot 13 Photographic Transformation Winning bid: £30
Do you have an old or damaged photograph that would benefit from some of the latest computer design techniques to bring it back to life? Perhaps an old favourite image has lost is luster? Your damaged, discoloured or faded pictures can be adjusted and re-printed. Your original will be returned unchanged. After computer enhancement you will receive 3 high quality prints of the image (equivalent to the size of the original) and a soft-copy file of the image in a format suitable for your computer.

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Lot 14 Botox Treatment Current bid: £00
Ever wanted to get rid of those crows feet or brow lines? Now’s your chance! A qualified medical practitioner (MB CHB, MRCGP, DCCH, TGP, DFFP) trained to administer Botox is willing to offer consultation and photo documentation followed two weeks later by administration of Botox to up to 3 facial areas at one sitting and follow up appointment. Certain clinical restrictions may apply after initial assessment of the case. (please contact Auction Manager if you wish to speak with the Doctor directly before making a bid).Usual cost for this course of treatment is £350 (Min Bid £150)
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Lot 15 Scottish Ancestor Search – Professional Genealogical Research Winning bid: £50
Four hours research on your family history by a professional genealogical researcher. You will receive a report and family tree if appropriate.Usual cost for this service is be £80, and 4 weeks notice is required to set up consultation meeting (Min Bid £30)
Lot 16 Stunning Piece of Handmade Jewellery Winning bid: £40
Your very own, specially designed piece of hand made jewellery using sterling silver, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. Choir member will design and make a bespoke necklace or bracelet for a special occasion, gift or just a treat!
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Lot 17 Gourmet Dinner for Four – with the Singing Chef! Winning bid: £100
A meal fit for the gods cooked in your own home to set off a truly splendid evening, with your own choice of music from Puccini (Nessun Dorma) to Burns (Oh My Love is like a Red Red Rose). You provide the guests, the crockery, the cooker and the wines. The chef provides the food and does the work. (Including some washing up if time allows!)Starter: Spice-crusted seared carpaccio of tuna (speciality dish)Main Course:Confit duck leg, pan-fried duck breast on a potato rosti with stew of artichoke hearts, crepes, chestnut mushrooms and pak choiSweet: Chocolate pots, Crème de Menthe parfait or Vanilla panacotta with roasted fig and tuille biscuit (Choose any one from three)

Minimum Bid £50

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Lot 18 Conduct your Favourite Choir! Current bid: £00
An opportunity to learn the basics of conducting, followed by a practical exerpience in front of the full choir. Have a one-hour private conducting lesson with Jenny Sumerling, Musical Director of Cadenza, on a choral piece of your choice. This would be followed by a chance to try it out with Cadenza at a rehearsal in the autumn. There will be some restrictions on the music choice (i.e. Cadenza has to have the sheet music available). You will be welcome to have the piece filmed on video if you wish as a keepsake of your experience!Minimum Bid £50
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Lot 19 Trace your Scottish family tree Winning bid: £35
Enthusiastic amateur will spend a day at the Scotland’s People Centre in Edinburgh to see what can be learned about your Scottish family history. You supply what you know about your family tree and we will try to add some roots and branches.Usual cost of entry to Scotland’s People Centre is £15 pounds from April 1, 2011Minimum Bid £25
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Lot 20 Computer Help!! Current bid: £00
Do you struggle with your PC? Do you feel as if it is telling you what to do, and you thought you were supposed to be the boss? Want to get something setup, but haven’t managed it quite yet? A choir member, who isn’t a computer professional but counts computing amongst his hobbies, offers up to three visits (as required) to your home. The purpose of each visit will be mutually agreed before the appointment takes place. During a visit you may wish to learn how to use the internet to your potential, or perhaps learn how to share photos with friends and family. Do you have a digital camera, or printer, or something that just refuses to work with your PC? Or, is your PC moving much slower than you expected? Do you want to get setup with Skype, and video-chat for free with relatives overseas? Whatever you want to achieve with your computer, let our choir member help. What he can’t offer in formal training he can more than make up for in patience and over 15 years of real-life computer experience. And he promises to bring biscuits to each appointment!Minimum Bid £40
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Lot 21 Proof Reading Current bid: £20
Are you or is someone you know just completing that large thesis or dissertation. Would it benefit from a thorough and professional proof-read? Choir member, who undertakes this work on a professional basis, offers to undertake a proofread and give feedback/corrections as required. Bid size may be negotiable dependant upon size of work to be read. The following are suggestions. Contact Auction Manager for further information or details.Usual cost of this service is around £25 for up to 5,000 words, £50 for up to 15,000 words
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Lot 22 Full Car Wash, Wax and Valet Winning bid: £50
Give you car the full Spring-Clean treatment! First of all your car will be washed on the outside and the inside given a vacuum clean. Following this all inside surfaces will be spot cleaned where necessary, then non-silicone (I hate that stuff!!) polished. Leather interiors will be treated with leather cleaner and finished with leather conditioner (as applied to the choir member1958 MG). Interior windows cleaned. Outside – leather dried and top quality Carnauba wax polish applied to give the best shine you have ever seen (again, none of your silicone stuff!).Minimum Bid £30
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Lot 23 Drive Back in Time in a 1958 MG Magnette Sports Saloon Car Current bid: £00
Enjoy being driven around town, around Arthur’s Seat, to the theatre or restaurant on that special occasion in a lovingly restored 1958 MG Magnette. It’s a four-seater, so can take 3 people (seat belts fitted). This is not a vehicle hire, just the chance to experience a car from yesterday. You can choose the day and time and where you want to go.Minimum Bid £50
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Lot 24 Glorious Sunset from Longniddry Bents Winning bid: £55
Original painting by in acrylic by Cadenza member. Framed and measuring 70cm x 50cm. Minimum Bid £50.
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Lot 25 Gardening Help Winning bid: £20
Choir member happy to come and complete three hours gardening support! Help weeding, clearing ground or pruning the plants. Service will not be available until June. If you want to discuss requirements (especially if involving heavy work or requires specialist tools) please contact auction manager.Minimum Bid £20
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